The Annual Memorial 2009

האזכרה השנתית של התאחדות עולי מזריץ' - דפודלסיה בישראל התקיימה ב-24 לחודש נובמבר 2009 בבית יד לבנים בתל-אביב. במקום היו כ- 240 איש מבני המשפחות וחברים רבים. הטקס היה מרגש ביותר.

On 17 May 2009, in Mezritch Poland, was the unveiling ceremony of the statue "Prayer" of Yael Artzi. The ceremony was attended by Israeli Ambassador to Poland Mr. Zvi Arvner, Bishop of District Siedlce, parliamentarians, Mayor City Council members other dignitaries. From Israel came about 100 people plus about 35 families from the Diaspora. The day began in a moving ceremony at the cemetery. The statue dedication ceremony in which the "Hatikva" was played by a local orchestra, and And then moved to the large audience hall to listen to singer Edslbah, Polish singer who sings in Yiddish, and watch a film by Micha Friedman & Efraim Sidon produced by David Tur "Little America" was translated into Polish, ending dinner party was held to 160 people.

"Mezritch productions," as called by Mr. Micah Friedman, succeeded this time in an extraordinary way, excite the mass audience eagerly awaiting the film to describe the exciting events