The Annual Memorial 2007

The association's annual general meeting, as well as the annual memorial service held on Tuesday, 18 September 2007 at 17:45 in Yad Labanim in Tel - Aviv. On this day we presented the booklet of the sculptress Yael Artzi on the statue called "prayer" it is going to create the invitation of the association. The statue will be in the main square in the city Mezritch. The unveiling ceremony is supposed to be May 2007. Board Members will receive a letter about the trip to the city at the inauguration of the statue. We heard Ms. Halina Birenbaum, on "Women in the Holocaust" about the strength, sacrifice, creativity and resourcefulness of women in the Holocaust. The singer Esti Asabidnsky also performed songs string.

Ceremony was an unforgettable experience.

Photos of Mezritch Jewish cemetery , July 2007, in which the Fire Scout members clean up the Jewish cemetery